Pro Dive’s Top 5 Winter Diving Tips

There is nobody out there who particularly enjoys being cold – and the idea of being cold in the water is what can put people off diving during the winter. If you are reading this and feel like that might be you, let me tell you that you are missing out on some of the best diving conditions that Sydney has to offer. These colder periods produce water that transforms to an amazing shade of blue, wth days when visibility can reach up to 20m are not uncommon. So get yourself out there and avoid being cold by following our top 5 winter diving tips.

  • Layers

For exactly the same reason you wont be heading to Threadbo in your swimmers, layering up is a sure fire way to stay warm in the water. You lose between 30-40% of your body heat through your head, hands and feet. Adding a hood/hooded vest, gloves and socks will significantly reduce the amount of body heat lost in the water – meaning a warmer, happier diver!We recommend the Mares Flexa Vest combined with the Mares Classic 3mm gloves and 2mm socks.

Another option is using a Dry Suit. Dry Suits are an amazing piece of technology but also require correct layering to remain warm in the water. Using a Dry Suit does require some specialist training, if you already own a dry suit and want to learn more about how to use it please contact your local Pro Dive.

  • Start the Dive warm

Arrive at the shop/boat with plenty of warm clothing and a dry bag to store it all in. Remember, when you finish your dive you will want a change of clothes that is easy to put on. Track pants, sloppy joe, beanie etc. Bring extra with you just in case. If you are diving from the boat, wind-chill will be a big factor you must consider. We recommend wearing a Sharkskin Chillproof vest, these are wind proof, fleece lined and rapid drying making them the perfect layer to beat the chill on the boat.

  • Poncho towel/Surf Coat

Ideal for the time on the surface when you are refuelling between dives. Taking your wetsuit off to half way and putting one of these on means your wetsuit gets a chance to dry out a bit and so do you. Drying out between dives slows down the cooling effect in the water on your subsequent dive. Stay dry and sip your halftime soup in style just like the team at Pro Dive Cronulla, they love them that much the whole team has one.

The face you make when your poncho towel fits just right
  • The Thermos

The holy grail of winter diving is a thermos filled with soup. Refuel and reheat from the inside out with a warm cup of soup. The physiological and psychological benefit of eating/drinking something warm between dives will mean you enjoy the second dive significantly more! Try not to eat anything too heavy between dives to avoid stomach discomfort – making soup the perfect winter diving companion.

  • The Travel Shower

Alright readers, the part you’ve all been waiting for. You are about to learn to a dive professional’s winter diving secret. This is a game changer.

Step 1

Get a large water bottle (4 or 5L) fill with very warm water before you head out – think hot tap only in the shower.

Step 2

Put it in a Esky to insulate

Step 3

Check the water isn’t too hot (don’t want anyone burning themselves) if its good to go, take your wetsuit off to half way, pour the water all over you, then throw on your poncho towel and get into dry clothes ASAP. By the time the warming effect of the water wears off you should be in the car or back in your clothes at the very least!


And there you have it, the Pro Dive top 5 winter diving tips. Simple stuff but it WILL keep you warm in the water this winter. If you liked the blog, please share with your dive buddies.




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